Communication doesn’t have to be heard

People who know me know that I love communication. I love the way that communication can break down barriers between people, whether that be within a small circle of friends, or between people who are countries, continents or worlds apart from one another. It’s for that reason I am studying modern foreign languages. It’s for that reason I am a teacher of English in Germany.

But one of the things that has left me wondering is the world’s general reliance on communication through hearing and speaking. Yes, these three forms of communication form the basis of how we keep in touch with one another daily. I am not for a minute going to say that we don’t need all of these forms of communication.

But, the fact remains, communication through speech, whether intentionally or not, can serve to lock some people out of our communication – people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

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Willkommen bei meinem neuen Zuhause im Internet. Hoffentlich werde ich in Kürze wieder mit dem Bloggen anfangen. Bis das passiert wird diese Seite, wie immer, leer und traurig bleiben.

Schade, eigentlich.

Wenn Du Lust hast, warum nicht nach Twitter reisen? Du kannst mir dort folgen.

Bis dann!



Welcome to my new home on the web. I will hopefully start blogging again at some point soon. In the meantime this page will remain, as it always has, sad and lonely.

A shame really.

Feel free to toddle over to Twitter and follow me there.

See ya!